Credit Off Invoices


Credit Off Invoices Overview and Topics
The Credit-Office Invoice function is used when your company wants to write off many invoices at one time that may have a very small balance.  This function may also be used to write off invoices to a bad debt account for customer invoices that are ...
How to Credit Off Invoices
Prior to using this function, read this entire article to make certain you fully understand the process.  Once invoices are credited off using this function, it cannot be reversed! Follow the instructions below to credit off one or multiple cus...
SedonaSetup-Credit Off Invoices
Below is a list of the setup tables impacting the Credit-Off Invoice function. Category Chart of Accounts
User Group Security-Credit Off Invoices
For a User to be able to use the Credit-Off Invoices function, certain security privileges must be granted to the User through the User Group Security options within SedonaSetup.  The following User Group Security options located within Application ...