Pre-install Checklist: SedonaAPI 2.0/SedonaWeb 2.0

SedonaAPI 2.0 enables the ability to push/pull data from add-on modules to SedonaOffice. SedonaWeb 2.0 is a module that can be enabled on SedonaAPI 2.0.  

SedonaAPI 2.0 can be referenced by several different names:

  • SedonaCloud
  • SedonaWeb 2.0
  • API 2.0

The SedonaAPI 2.0 is required for:

  • Time and Attendance
  • Sales Automation
  • eForms
  • Sedona-X Mobile
  • SedonaWeb
  • WeSuite Integrations using SedonaDocs
  • Custom Applications interacting with SedonaOffice

 The following information is required for us to set up your API correctly. Please download the form, answer all questions on the form and return the document to your Project Manager. 

Pre-install Checklist SedonaWeb API 2.0.docx