SedonaWeb Settings

Settings Tab

When clicking on the Settings Tab, three options are available:

  •  My Account
  • Link New Customer Account
  • Manage Customer Accounts

My Account

When clicking on the My Account option from the Settings Tab, the customer is able to do the following:

On the My Account page, change or update any of the following information listed below.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Cell Phone
  • Site Theme
  • Change Password

Site Theme

The Site Theme option allows the customer to change the color scheme used in SedonaWeb.

Link New Customer Account

If a customer has more than one customer account, when clicking on the Link New Customer Account option from the Settings Tab, they are able to add additional customers to which they will have access when logging into their SedonaWeb account.

After clicking on the Link New Customer Account from the Settings tab, the Link New Customer form will be displayed. There a four required fields on this form: Customer Number, First Name, Last Name and Billing Zip Code. The telephone number fields are optional. Once these fields have been populated, click on the Create Link button.

If valid information was entered for the customer to be linked, a listing of all customers linked will be displayed in the listing. To work with one of the linked customers, click on the View Customer button on the customer row desired.

In the example below, the registered customer is linked to six different customer accounts.

Manage Customer Accounts

When clicking on the Manage Customer Accounts option from the Settings Tab, the customer’s email address and contact name are displayed in the first panel of the page. In the next panel below, under the header of Assets, will be a list of all customer accounts linked to this customer login. When clicking on the View Customer button, the main dashboard will be displayed for the customer.

Change Password

After clicking on the Change Password button from the My Account page, the customer is able to change their login password at any time. It is highly recommended that customers change their password on a periodic basis for security purposes.