SedonaSetup - IN - Warehouses

The use of Warehouses is available only if Inventory Tracking has been activated in the SedonaSetup Module Select form.  Enabling this feature will allow your company to track parts in one or multiple warehouse locations. 

If your company is not using Inventory Tracking, you must have one default warehouse created, which is delivered with the software.  You may change the name of this default warehouse (Main) to something else if desired.

A Warehouse may be a physical storage facility which is usually on company property, a vehicle driven by installers or service technicians, or a fictitious location used for tracking purposes.

The Address information entered for a Warehouse is used on Purchase Orders and will be the default Ship To address when the Warehouse is selected on the PO; the Ship To location may be manually overridden by the User.

Create one record for each unique location where inventory parts are stored.