SedonaSetup - AR - Banks

For each unique Bank you will be using to deposit payments, create a unique Bank record.  

If you have subscribed to EFT Auto Payment processing through Forte (SedonaOffice Merchant Bank partner), the Bank records automatically populate this table when setting up the EFT Bank information on a Customer record.  You do not need to add these manually to this setup table.

Bank Form Field Definitions:

  • Bank Name - The Bank name should be the same as the G/L Account Number for the bank.  
  • Description – Enter the name of the financial institution.
  • Routing Number – Enter the bank routing number.
  • Customer Bank - For Company banks leave un-checked.  For Customer banks, check this box.
  • Next Check # – Company banks only; enter the next check number that will be printed.  You may set this number later when you are ready to begin using the SedonaOffice software.
  • GL Account – Company banks only; select the general ledger account number from the drop-down list corresponding to this bank.
  • Check Form – SedonaOffice checks are printed on a three-part form; the check itself and two payment stubs.  Depending on which check form is selected will determine the placement of the check; the top, middle or bottom of the three-part check.  When clicking on the drop-down list, there are several choices available.  If SedonaOffice has not designed a custom check layout for your company, then you may select from one of three check forms:
    • CS04 (Deluxe) - check will print at the top
    • CS05 (Deluxe) - check will print in the middle
    • CS06 (Deluxe) - check will print at the bottom