SedonaSetup - SV - Problem Codes

Problem Codes are used to identify why the customer is requesting service.  This is a required field on a service ticket, and when setting up a System Inspection record.  

These codes will print on the Ticket, and should be descriptive enough to assist the technician in understanding the reported problem and being able to address the issue when arriving on site.  Problem codes are also used for Inspection Tickets.

There are two types of Problem Codes that you may create; Master Problem Codes and Secondary Problem Codes. 

Secondary problem codes are optional.  Each Ticket has a selection field for a Problem Code and a Secondary problem code.  The Master Problem code could be a very general description of the problem and the Secondary Problem Code would be more detailed information about the reported issue.  For example, a Master Problem Code could be Intrusion System Problem and a Secondary Problem Code associated with this could be Fail to Communicate.

Associated with the Problem Code are three other key fields; Priority, Estimated time, and Expertise Level. 

When a Ticket is created and a Problem code is selected from the list, the priority, estimated time and expertise level will default into these respective fields on the ticket; each of these defaults may be overridden on individual Tickets. 

The estimated time is used when scheduling a Technician Appointment.  If the Problem Code is to be used as a Master Problem Code, check the Is Master box at the bottom of the form.  If the Problem Code is to be used as a Secondary Problem Code, un-check the Is Master box.