Sedona-X Mobile: App Setup

App Setup

Three required items for setup:

1. SedonaCloud API URL

2. Username

3. Password

Troubleshooting Tip: Your company Admin has access to the API. Setting up a new user in API? Refer to the API Setup instructions: 

Installation Process

Once you have these three items begin the installation process. 

Download the Sedona-X Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play depending on the type of device you have. 

The first time you open the app you will need to choose SedonaOffice or Alarm Biller. 

  1. Choose SedonaOffice. 
  2. You will be given a blank field to fill in the SedonaCloud API URL; type that information in that field. Click the continue button. 
  3. Type in your username and password. Then select the options at the bottom remember me and stay signed in. Choosing these options will aid in future logins.

Troubleshooting Tip

1. If an error message appears that states the username or password is incorrect, retype the username and password. If the error message persists, contact your administrator for assistance resetting your password. 

2. If an error message appears stating Error connecting to the Host Server go to the settings section at the bottom of the screen and double-check the API URL. 

Need to see a video on how to log in to the App?

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