Sedona-X Mobile: Building and Editing a New Job

Selecting a Customer for a New Job

Choose the blue plus symbol on the top right of the open jobs screen. 

Three required fields for a new job will populate in the pop-up menu. 

  1. Select a customer
  2. Select a site
  3. Select a system 
  4. Press the ok button. 

TECH TIP: The customer, site, and system need to be built into SedonaOffice to be searchable in this application. 

Building a New Job

After selecting the customer information, the Edit Job will appear. Fill out all required fields for job creation. When finished choose the blue save icon at the top right corner of the page. 

Once the new job is created you will be able to view all open jobs on the screen. Choose the job you wish to work in. 

When a job is open you will be able to navigate between the job appointments, job notes, and materials icons in blue. The more button along the top of the screen will allow you to navigate to the install, purchase orders, documents, and customer notes. 

Editing for the job can be done by clicking on the blue pencil at the top of the screen when the job is open.

Want to see a video on building new jobs or editing a job?

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